Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients



"Procyon Life Sciences" an Indian Pharmaceutical company with distinctive global presence based at the commercial and financial hub of India - Mumbai. Procyon is competent in Manufacturing and exporting of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for human and veterinary application & semi-finished API Pellets. Procyon committed to deliver quality products to its customers worldwide.

"Procyon" being in the Active Pharmaceutical manufacturing space for over two decades and with the required technical & regulatory capabilities, we understand customer needs and offer solutions & products from API's to its intermediates, Semi-finished products to finished formulation as per customer's requirement.

"Procyon" manufactures multiple API products at selected toll API manufacturing facilities which are cGMP compliant and are managed by skilled professionals. With years of experience in technical and regulatory areas, Procyon offers various reaction capabilities and selected products are offered with documentation such as DMF/CTD/Dossiers subject to long-term co-operation.